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Draigoch Runs

Zooze / Jun 10, 2012
We are going to start to do some kin Draigoch runs, for us to be successful here we need people to get involved. It doesn't matter if you've done it before or not, we have experienced people who can help you through it. We may fail a numbter of times to do it but it will be good practice.

PLEASE DO PRE-QUESTS's and also if you get a chance read this just to have an overview of whats happening. Don't worry to much I will talk people through it.

YOU NEED TO HAVE VENTRILLO INSTALLED in order to hear what is being said. Voice is critical to this RAID but it gives the best rewards also.


Kindest regards



If you want extra DPS or it would give you greater flexibility with the other chars you all bring - my friend Elvien - L75 Hunter - would be happy to come along until I am big enough to join you :)
Oh good. Our very own kin Draigoch group. I hope our 75s come up to the line for this. See you in the cave!

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