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Who are you?

Ta da, here I am !

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Who are you?

About me

I got bored so I thought I'd let you guys know a bit about me: I was born in 1998 in the UK in a town called Rotherham. When I was 8 years old I was diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and aspergers syndrome so I can nev...
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Who are you?


Hey, headmage here... Or dale :) I'm 19 have depression, anxiety, and autism (mild) left myn3rd year of college two weeks ago, i have studied catering, ecdl (European computer driving license) and this year animal care level 1, i passed, would hav...
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Who are you?


Hi, my name is Toby, and play with Larglorwen as my main, but have 5 chars in all (3 in the kin, Larglorwen, Schnuppa and Gallaril). Also born and bred in Sweden, and I thought I would be the oldest in the kin, but apparently not :)I work away fro...
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Who are you?

About me

Well i suppose i should do 1 also. Real name martin i live in the north of england, im the co-founder of the kin and enjoy doing instances with you all. I work in retail for 1 of the biggest retailers in england. Anybody needs help shout out and i...
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Who are you?

I'm aboard

OK, now Im on this board aswell, great. Whoami then? Well, an old man, older than Hawkewind anyways... Trying to advance without paying anything for a while! Trying to see how far F2P will get me... so far it looks good, and I will pay for play...
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Who are you?


Hi iam chris and i live in Ireland i am trying to be a student again at 51, OH Boy !but its fun embarssing the younger geration I f you need a hand just shout and we will try and be there .If you need stuff shout louder and i will pass it on rathe...
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Who are you?

Hey :)

wel im crap at these things soooo rl name pete im an officer with riders on the stormi live with my gf and little 3yr old terror so if i suddenly go afk in the middle of an instance thats probley y :D umm im a telecommunications engineer i dunno t...
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Who are you?

Hello ;)

Im Iogla :) Leader on the riders on the storm.Hobby's playing soccer.Having a drink.Play lotro with my kinships/friendsSo now you know more about me, show us what you like :D------------------So i hope you will all use the site :)Have fun in playi...
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