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Introduce yourself to your fellow kinmates.
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offer your unwanted items to the kin and request items your looking for
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Introduce yourself to your fellow kinmates.
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General Discussion

[Pinned] Kin Ranks and Permissions

All,I hope everyone is well, I wanted to update both officers and kinnies on permissions within the kinship, in addition some of the rules defined in here also for promoting people:Permissions=========Officer = Promote and demote people up to ki...
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General Discussion

[Pinned] Useful mylotro Information

All,I wanted to put this information together for you that you might find very useful. It focuses around two points, the first one around the lotro lottery, and the second one is around the mylotro turbine website where there are lots of tools ava...
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Zooze1647Small Zooze 6y
General Discussion

Not on for a while unfortunately

Hi all, dont know how many of you will see this, im guessing the usual 5 or so that use the site. I will not be on for some time, tbh i need a new laptop to run the game now and i was on yesterday it ran fine and tried getting on today and ive got...
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General Discussion


ty for accepting the ally proposal for our websites.this will make things easier for us.any raids planned now on either calendar should be listed as an alliance one i think,if they are to be shown on each others calendar.unless its a kin run only ...
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General Discussion


You know those moments, you want to listen to music or you want to turn on Team Speak... But problem is that you are in a Blitzkrieg raid. So you alt-tab and turn it on... damn that you'r pc takes 1 sec to load up music and stuff and when you get ...
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Odlo2661Small Goloril 5y
General Discussion

Riders Of Rohan is here

All,Well RoR has arrived, some of you will be enjoying finishing up Isengard and Great River Quests to get that well earned XP before moving to RoR. There are a couple of things I would recommend though:1) Get your RoR Mounted Steed as soon as you...
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General Discussion

Help me !

Well, i resetted my computer cuz i did have some issue's on it. Than i redownloaded lotro, tried to login but the username didnt work ! so i went on and asked to email me they did, and i did get a username that was fully different!? but ...
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General Discussion

so what did u do during the lotr roi down time?

sadly geek that i i am i wached all 3 films yet a gain and am giving serios thort to downloding the animated one if the severs stay down arggggglott
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General Discussion

Make music, not war

Those of you who read the interview with Achazia, the latest featured player may have decided that you also wanted to form a band. (I think any1 can play instruments, like flute, maybe other instruments too).Anyway, there's a special type of music...
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General Discussion

Minstrels!--Dramatic change with RoI

To all minstrels in our kin regardless of level. When the Rise of Isengard is formally released on 27th September, all minstrel skills and traits will immediately be changed:1. Join the Minstrel channel: "/joinchannel minstrels" and partake of the...
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Ringorvir61280Small Yunarose 6y
General Discussion

RoI is around the corner--get your armour NOW!

Now hear this: RoI is set to debut on 27th September. That is just four weeks off! For all you 65'ers who have pre-purchased RoI, we need crash skirmish sessions to earn those valuable Medallions to outfit the best armour LOTRO can provide. To ass...
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Ringorvir1327Small Ringorvir 6y
General Discussion

Some thoughts on Kin activity

I wonder why there were no sign-ups for the GB / Skirmish post? Perhaps because very few kin look at the site or check the new comments? Is that possible? I doubt it. Every day, there are kin grouping up to fellowships so there is plenty of intra-...
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General Discussion

Lvl 65 players

At the moment there is a distinct lack of activity for the lvl 65 players such as instances. I want to see who is interested in doing some so we can schedule them on the calendar.
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Shalbor8878Member avatar small Shalbor 6y
General Discussion

Monthly GA help?

I notice we have a lot of players who get stuck with the quests in Garth Agarwen, maybe we should have a monthly or bi-monthly event in which all ROTS members that have to do those quests can get together and get over with it!Let me know what you ...
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