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For all things LoTRO related. (Alliance)

Quick guide-RoR 3-man instances

The three-man instances are: Iorbar's Peak (Misty Mountains); Web of the Scuttledells (Southern Mirkwood); Seat of the Great Goblin (Misty Mountains). They are scaled instances from level 20-85. To open them up, see Gandalf at the Prancing Pony th...
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For all things LoTRO related. (Alliance)

make your lotro user interface more practical and pretty

UI skins are actually cosmetic but there are small skins, in which you can see only the skill bar, and large skins, like the lotro default one (only prettier!)you can download skins from this site:
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For all things LoTRO related. (Alliance)

Guide to Legendary weapons

IntroductionThis post is for now a basic guide to Legendary weapons, where to find them, how to get relics and how they work. I hope you find this information helpful and it clears away anything you don't understand about them. Basic GuideLets jus...
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