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#12794125 Oct 19, 2016 at 06:26 PM
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Hi everyone,

Nimira, Lathrohil and I had some discussion about completing the Osgiliath instances on T2C to get some Morgul crests, this afternoon. We discussed some possible group set-ups to match the classes of other player outside the kin. However, we realized that there are quite a number of kin-members who have got a character, which is (close to) T2 ready.

As such we thought it might be a good idea to reintroduce a weekly kinship instance run. With these runs we could try to get some instances done, which we currently cannot complete without some planning and tactics. The aim of these runs would thus be to complete the Osgiliath T2C instances, in particular Dome of Stars. At a later stage we could also try to do the Pellenor instances on T2C and compose a fellowship for Throne of Dread Terror on T1 (As T2 would be a bit too ambitious).

Doing these instances on T2C will require some degree of planning and preparation. I would like to ask you to comment in this thread if you would like to participate in these instance runs and, if so, with which class you would like to participate. With this information we can make a good and well-rounded setup for the instances.

If there is an interest in doing these instances, I will try to update the recommended character stats, which Galthimar uploaded some time ago, to the current level cap.

Kind Regards,

Aure Entuluva
#12794273 Oct 19, 2016 at 07:22 PM
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I'm up for joining - only have one alt at cap so it would be my champ _Wyndwyrdyr. only problem I have is being online when you run it. If I'm on please count me in
#12794337 Oct 19, 2016 at 07:50 PM
Ghost Riders
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I am not that frequent online anymore, but when i am on and have the time, I like to join. At the moment only Alant (LM) is lvl105, but Barwood (hunter) is close, although he still has to upgrade a lot of traits. And my RK Grorfu can also get there in time. So always in to try, if I'm on for a longer period.

#12795850 Oct 20, 2016 at 12:27 PM
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Kun runs would be nice, I will join whenever i can. RK is the best equipped, hunter may be useful with som eenhancements. my other alts are far from ready for ths kind of runs
#12796200 Oct 20, 2016 at 03:22 PM · Edited over 1 year ago
Death Riders
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Thumbs up for this! My RK Anarae is close to T2 with mits and defense but lacking morale (22k unbuffed) -- need a couple of pelennor gear to bolster morale and raise dps from 63k. That would be my first choice. 2nd choice is my Hunter Lathrohil with fairly high mastery at 73k and T2 mits. My Guardian Ringorin can change up to T2 gear but hits like a wet tulip in tank mode. However he can get to 50k morale and has 27k mits.
#12800886 Oct 22, 2016 at 06:55 PM
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Seeing that there is some interested I will attempt to give you an updated version of stat recommendations for T2 instances.
This is by no means a definitive way how you should gear but may prove to be helpful in gearing your characters.

Arguably the most important aspect is maxing your mitigations. All T2 mobs have a penetration for both Physical and Tactical mitigation, for which compensation is necessary in order to run with capped mitigations in a T2 instance. The values at which mitigations cap in T2 instances are given below:

Light Armour = 20.200 (13.125 for T1)
Medium Armour = 22.500 (15.300 for T1)
Heavy Armour = 24.500 (17.500 for T1)

We aim to have Scroll of AnĂ³rien Warding Lore available in every T2 instance run with the kin. These scrolls provide a 1440 buff to both Physical and Tactical mitigations, allowing you to slot 1440 of each mitigation less, while still capping your mitigations in runs.

Critical rating is another stated that arguably should be focused when building your character. Critical rating ensures a chance of dealing higher damage to enemies or healing more morale to allies. Thus this is important for nearly every class. Critical rating caps at 25% (Not counting any percentage traits of critical rating which elevate the cap). The amount of critical rating necessary to reach this cap is 17.700. This automatically caps your ability to have devastate hits at 10%, since the cap for this is lower than 17.700. Slotting additional critical rating and thus overcapping results in having higher critical hits. While this is nice to have most people tend to just cap critical rating, which is effective as well.
Note that some classes (e.g. Champion and Burglar) have Legendary items legacies which increases the critical multiplier.

Finesse is a stat which increases your ability to bypass your enemy'sBPE (Block-Parry-Evade), which subsequently leads to higher damage (because more hits will land on your enemy). Finesse caps at 50% (thus reducing your enemy's BPE by 50 percentage points). However most enemies tend to have far lower BPE values and thus having Finesse as high is 50% is not worthwhile. Furthermore finesse is a stat with diminishing returns, that means that getting more finesse, after a certain point has been reached, yields a lower extra percentage. Typically 20% of finesse is regarded as sufficient, which means 10.500 finesse rating should be achieved.
Healing classes that do not rely on hitting their target, in order to sustain their healing, can do with less finesse.

Avoidances (BPE) is a stat enabling you to either Block, Parry or Evade the attacks of your enemy. Evading is available for every class in every situation. Parrying is available for classes which have a melee weapon, classes without a melee weapon are unable to parry (e.g. Runekeeper). Blocking is available for classes with a shield or for certain classes with a two-handed sword equipped while in a tanking trait (e.g. Captain or Champion). While being able to avoid getting hit by attacks is great it is not a priority for DPS classes (and to a lesser extent healing classes), since there will always be a Tank in instances to shield those classes from hits. For Tanks BPE is however of paramount importance since these stats enable them to receive less damage and being easier to heal.
The ability to fully BPE an attack caps at 10% or 8.000 BPE rating. The ability to partially BPE an attack caps at 35.000, but is subject do severe diminishing returns making getting more then 8.000 not worthwhile for non-tanks. For tanks 20.000 BPE-rating is a good target enabling you to partially BPE 25% and Fully BPE 10% of the attacks.

Critical Defence is a stat which reduces damage from critical attacks your receive from enemies. This helps in reducing high hits from enemy attacks. Critical hits are multiplied by 1.5, while devastating hits are multiplied by 2.0. This means that getting 50% Critical defense will reduce critical hits to normal hits and devastating hits to critical hits. Because devastating hits are less common then critical hits it is enough to get just 50% critical defence (since getting more would only protect you from devastating hits). Moreover Critical defence is also subject to diminishing returns, which means getting more than 50% is not really worthwhile. 50% critical defence is reached by getting 10.500 critical defence rating.

Resistance Rating is a stat which reduces the chance of 1) Receiving a Wound, fear, Poision effect. 2) having each tick of the effect occur (if applicable).
Resistance thus helps in reducing the amount of effects you receive in instances which makes it easier to survive. Resistance rating is also affected by diminishing returns and most people agree getting 20% is a good amount of resistance. This is achieved by getting 10.000 resistance rating.
The kinship will try to provide: Superior AnĂ³rien Bean and Tater Soup in every kin run, which gives you approximately 10% extra resistance if you have 10.000 resistance rating, totaling 30% resistance.

Incoming healing rating is a stat which makes the healing you receive higher. While this is nice to have, getting this stat is not a priority for DPS and Healing classes. Tanks do profit from this stat and would be benefitted by slotting a few incoming healing essences or relics. Incoming healing has diminishing Returns as well and has a "soft cap" of 15% (at 7.350 incoming healing rating). Characters of the race of men receive an additional 5% incoming healing.

Physical/Tactical Mastery is the stat which determines how much damage you deal. This stats converts mastery to a additional percentage of damage on a linear basis, with every 3700 mastery giving you an 10% increase in damage. Because the mastery-formula is linear, mastery has no diminishing returns and no (reachable) cap. Slotting extra mastery thus always yields the same increase in damage.
However the increase in healing from mastery has a cap of 70% (with diminishing returns at about 50%, which doesn't really matter since most classes have way more mastery than that). The healing increase caps at 70.000 mastery.

Morale is the stat which directly translates to your "health". If your morale reaches zero, you will be incapacitated and not being able to do anything. Morale is the only stat which does not have a formula (because your morale is the stat which is used to deduct damage from) and as such has no diminishing returns nor a cap. In T2 instances the chances of getting damaged either by the boss or effects are higher than on T1 and the damage from these hits is also higher. Thus for T2 it is advised to have more morale than you normally would have for T1 instances. The opinions about morale greatly differ. Some say one should get as much as possible in order not to be incapacitated, others argue you are of less use to your group if you can only survive (because your other stats will be lower). As such morale is bound to personal preferences. I can however provide a rough guideline to morale:

Ranged DPS = 25.000+
Melee DPS = 28.000+
Healers = 30.000+
Tanks = 45.000+

These values are the values for unbuffed morale. In most instances you will have a buff of 15% morale (10% from a Captain's Motivated buff and 5% from an Edelharn Hope Token). For difficult boss fights another 5% morale can be provided by the Duty-bound buff from a man character.

The kinship will try to provide the consumable items mentioned above, and other (Class-)consumables, which will be stored in the kinship chest (so everyone can acces the consumables).
Should you have any spare crafting materials, using those to create additional consumables would be greatly appreciated.

I hope you have found this post useful and should you have any questions or comments please leave a reply in this thread or ask me in-game.

Kind Regards,

Aure Entuluva
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