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#10740681 Mar 01, 2015 at 07:37 PM
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Heya everyone,

These are by no means obligatory requirements to raid,but taking these into account while gearing up your char to raid would definitely help out.

I divided this in 4 main roles (heals,tanks,ranged dps and melee dps) as i was too lazy to type it out for every class. Captains/burgs and LM's might not really fit into anything here, but i'd say they could go for the recommended stats of respectively melee dps and ranged dps (with some altering).

Concerning beornings: they might fit into multiple roles.I don't know enough of this class to tell how they have to gear up.

Also when you read cap [insert stat here] make sure you're not overcapping, a bit under a cap doesnt matter much if you can spend an essence slot on other stats you need as well.

Healing classes (RK/mini)
Phys and tac mits: 40% with scrolls (capped)
Crit. defence: 30%+
Morale: 17-18k+ unbuffed
Crit rating and tac mastery: as high as you can get
Finesse can be neglected when you're healing unless you're debuffing as well.

Main tanking classes (guard/warden)
Phys and tac mitigation: capped with scrolls (50% for warden, 60% for guard)
Crit. defence: 60%+
Inc. healing: 15%+
Guard: BP 20%+ and Evade 15%+ (block preferably around 25% or more)
Warden: BPE 20%+
Morale: 28k+ unbuffed
Finesse: 8k+
Phys/tac mastery and crit: not that important for tanking although crit can be of great help for guardians if you're traiting a certain way

Ranged dps
Phys and tac mits: capped with scrolls, 40% for light armour, 50 for medium (although imo hunters are fine with 45% mits).
Crit defence: 30%+
Morale 17-18k+ unbuffed
Finesse: 10k+ (more if you're also a debuffing class)
Crit: capped
Phys/tac mastery: as high as possible

Melee dps
Phys and tac mits: capped with scrolls, 50% for medium armour, 60% for heavys
Crit defence: 40%+
Morale 20k+ unbuffed
Finesse: 10k+ (more if you're also a debuffing class)
Crit: capped
Phys/tac mastery: as high as possible

This is by no means a perfect guide of how to gear up, but i think it might be of some help to people who are relatively new to raiding.

I also think the recommended stats in this guide are easilly obtainable (unlike some more elitist posts i've read about T2 raiding) and they should be good enough to get the job done.

Suggestions for improvements are always welcome.

Besides having decent gear for raids it's also very important to know which role you have to fulfill and how to trait for it.

Making a guide about traitlines would be too extensive and comes down to personal liking as well.

But if you have questions about how you have to trait for which role, make sure you ask someone! I can help you out with certain classes, but there's a lot of classes/traitlines i don't know enough about to say how they should trait. Luckily there's plenty of other people in the kin who do know this and can help you out with that!

Greets, Galth

(NOTE: I didn't make this guide myself, this was made by Machaggis from the kin Legion of the morning star. But it's still a pretty good guide)
#10740994 Mar 01, 2015 at 09:11 PM
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Thanks, Galth. A critically important summary of requirements for us to strive towards. Even if kinnies don't intend to go on t2 raids or runs, it will help you in solo fights also.
#10742867 Mar 02, 2015 at 08:41 AM
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Virtues are also very important, for T2 stuff you are going to need at least rank 10. But that's just for starters, you really need to work your way up to rank 15-19 to be ready for T2 stuff. Otherwise there still is a chance of wiping.
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