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[Pinned] Kin Ranks and Permissions

All,I hope everyone is well, I wanted to update both officers and kinnies on permissions within the kinship, in addition some of the rules defined in here also for promoting people:Permissions=========Officer = Promote and demote people up to ki...
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General Discussion

[Pinned] Useful mylotro Information

All,I wanted to put this information together for you that you might find very useful. It focuses around two points, the first one around the lotro lottery, and the second one is around the mylotro turbine website where there are lots of tools ava...
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For all things LoTRO related.

Things that make you go Hummmmmm.

Best place to check for kin member activity is live on the kinship panel ingame. Select "last time online" and click time online to order. Then you can search the kin site (here) to see who are their alts. I don't recommend that personnal informat...
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Who are you?

Ta da, here I am !

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For all things LoTRO related.

Revitalizing the Kin-Runs

Hi everyone,Nimira, Lathrohil and I had some discussion about completing the Osgiliath instances on T2C to get some Morgul crests, this afternoon. We discussed some possible group set-ups to match the classes of other player outside the kin. Howev...
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Who are you?

About me

I got bored so I thought I'd let you guys know a bit about me: I was born in 1998 in the UK in a town called Rotherham. When I was 8 years old I was diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and aspergers syndrome so I can nev...
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For all things LoTRO related.

Guide for T2 raid requirements

Heya everyone,These are by no means obligatory requirements to raid,but taking these into account while gearing up your char to raid would definitely help out.I divided this in 4 main roles (heals,tanks,ranged dps and melee dps) as i was too lazy ...
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Who are you?


Hey, headmage here... Or dale :) I'm 19 have depression, anxiety, and autism (mild) left myn3rd year of college two weeks ago, i have studied catering, ecdl (European computer driving license) and this year animal care level 1, i passed, would hav...
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For all things LoTRO related.

Turbine Points in kin house

Currently we have 5 journals of Captain Rabghul in the kin house. Having these journals in your inventory completes the excavator of the forsakken inn deed and yields 5 turbine points and some medaillions. (
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General Discussion

Not on for a while unfortunately

Hi all, dont know how many of you will see this, im guessing the usual 5 or so that use the site. I will not be on for some time, tbh i need a new laptop to run the game now and i was on yesterday it ran fine and tried getting on today and ive got...
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General Discussion


ty for accepting the ally proposal for our websites.this will make things easier for us.any raids planned now on either calendar should be listed as an alliance one i think,if they are to be shown on each others calendar.unless its a kin run only ...
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For anything not LoTRO related.

SW:TOR - your thoughts

Hi!I've taken the opportunity to play Star Wars: The Old Republic now that you can play the first levels for free. The introducing movies are very nice, and made me want to see the original movies again.The game itself, however, was a bit disappoi...
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General Discussion


You know those moments, you want to listen to music or you want to turn on Team Speak... But problem is that you are in a Blitzkrieg raid. So you alt-tab and turn it on... damn that you'r pc takes 1 sec to load up music and stuff and when you get ...
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For all things LoTRO related.

Lotro Plugins

i caught bit of a convo yesterday about plugins that people use for lotro personally i don't use any i have had a quick browse but there and endless see of them and to find the gems in the see of crap im sure isnt easy.what plugins do you guys use...
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For all things LoTRO related. (Alliance)

Quick guide-RoR 3-man instances

The three-man instances are: Iorbar's Peak (Misty Mountains); Web of the Scuttledells (Southern Mirkwood); Seat of the Great Goblin (Misty Mountains). They are scaled instances from level 20-85. To open them up, see Gandalf at the Prancing Pony th...
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Who are you? (Alliance)

It was about time

Well I must say I do this only because I don't know what else to do :PMy real name is Zoe, I'm sure many of you already know it. I live in Greece, in a city called Thessaloniki but not all the time since I spend much time in France because of my b...
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General Discussion

Riders Of Rohan is here

All,Well RoR has arrived, some of you will be enjoying finishing up Isengard and Great River Quests to get that well earned XP before moving to RoR. There are a couple of things I would recommend though:1) Get your RoR Mounted Steed as soon as you...
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For all things LoTRO related. (Alliance)

make your lotro user interface more practical and pretty

UI skins are actually cosmetic but there are small skins, in which you can see only the skill bar, and large skins, like the lotro default one (only prettier!)you can download skins from this site:
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For all things LoTRO related.

Hints, Tips and Rules

This forum is a basic Hints , Tips and Rules forum. General info to stop you from doing anything that is not allowed and also to help you know how this kin works on helping you. CraftingWe are a kin, this means we aim to help you get everything fr...
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For all things LoTRO related.

addons and plugins

First off, what is an addon? An addon is simply a large script or set of scripts that make your gaming career easier and a lil more fun. Is it legal?Yes of course it it... why else would Lorto have a "manage addons" button on the character select...
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