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(Dec 11, 2017)
Ringo, you made too much fuzz about the raid, and now they postpone it :)
(Dec 08, 2017)
still in doubt whether I should bring my guardian, my warden or my burglar quickly up to level105 with my Aria of the Valar.
(Dec 03, 2017)
back home. back in game.
(Nov 26, 2017)
take your time to recover. And get well soon. See you in game.
(Nov 23, 2017)
Still in hospital. Recovering from pneumonia. Can't wait to try the new raid with the kin. Miss you!
(Nov 23, 2017)
So who's going to walk into Mordor with the ingame store expansion pack?
(Nov 16, 2017)
God bless and see you in the game soon.
(Nov 16, 2017)
When the raid goes live i expect everyone to attempt it -- everyone!
(Nov 16, 2017)
Will be another week at least. Keep running the dailies and the 3-man and 6-man weekly.
(Nov 14, 2017)
Good and quick recovery Ringo.
(Nov 13, 2017)
I hope its nothing serious, you've got a Kinship to lead! Get well soon!
(Nov 12, 2017)
Hi guys. In case you're missing me, Ive been in hospital cardiology since last Sunday 5th. Love you all.
(Nov 04, 2017)
Happy Birthday Vicky :)
(Oct 17, 2017)
Work? Vacation? Studies? Anyway, see you back soonest, Al :)
(Oct 17, 2017)
Next couple of weeks I won't be on much. But after that don't worry: I'll be back :)
(Sep 15, 2017)
Happy birthday Fevor :)
(Sep 05, 2017)
Happy birthday Sufric :)
(Sep 04, 2017)
Happy birthday Sufric
(Aug 28, 2017)
Happy birthday Khalinn :)
(Aug 26, 2017)
I don't think there's a boss there, many Rare chests tho