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  Ringorvir: 12hr maintenance Fuffy. Until 5pm server time.
  Fuffy: Seems like there's maintenance going on, anyone know how long it'll take?
  Ringorvir: There is now Healer, Provisioner and Forge/Relic Master at Slag Hill and boardwalk (lol) to get to Aragorn and ride to Battle of Morannon.
  Ringorvir: Tybur says: I am planning to leave Bullroarer open through Tuesday night (7/18).
  Saessa: Happy Birthday Goloril. :)
  Alant: Happy birthday Goloril.
  Fuffy: Happy Birthday Goloril, Hope to see you in-game again soon :)
  Ringorvir: Happy Birthday Goloril :) How are you? Lots of new areas open for you!
  Ringorvir: I bought the £29.99 package.
  Saessa: Meant over £100 for Ultimate fan version, £61.90 for the collector's edition and £31 for the standard edition. I think they should have given more than just one month's VIP with the Ultimate Fans edition.
  Saessa: Over $100 for the big package, rip off LOTRO.
  Happykiller: Thank you guys hope you are all well.
  Ringorvir: Happy Birthday Happy!
  Fuffy: Happy Birthday Happy
  Alant: Thanks guys and girls.
  Saessa: Happy Birthday Alant. :)
  Ringorvir: Happy Birthday Al :)
  Ringorvir: Some photos of gear from U21 Mordor in Media/U21 Gear
  Alant: Happy birthday Pancholo
You do not have permission to shout
Crushd / Jun 22, 2012
Hey guys.

i made a steam group for lotro, it was intended to be called Riders on the storm, but i couldnt use that name :( so i just went wtih lotro-gilrain

anyway, basically its for anyone who uses steam so you can be contacted if your not logged into the game and are wanted etc.

it is what the kin website should be used for, but because you can access steam in-game in lotro it may be a bit more convinient for people in stead of alt-tabbing :)

this is optional if you want to join it, i just thought id give it a go :D
Zooze / Jun 10, 2012
We are going to start to do some kin Draigoch runs, for us to be successful here we need people to get involved. It doesn't matter if you've done it before or not, we have experienced people who can help you through it. We may fail a numbter of times to do it but it will be good practice.

PLEASE DO PRE-QUESTS's and also if you get a chance read this just to have an overview of whats happening. Don't worry to much I will talk people through it.

YOU NEED TO HAVE VENTRILLO INSTALLED in order to hear what is being said. Voice is critical to this RAID but it gives the best rewards also.


Kindest regards

Zooze / Mar 31, 2012

I hope everyone is well, I wanted to update both officers and kinnies on permissions within the kinship, in addition some of the rules defined in here also for promoting people:


Officer = Promote and demote people up to kinsman/kinswoman level. Can perform maintenance on the kin house, pay upkeep etc. Can Add remove items from kin chests. Can decorate the kin house. Can change the MOTD. Can expel people from the kin. Can talk on officer and kin chats.

Kinsman/Kinswoman = Can Add remove items from kin chests. Can talk on kin chat.

Recruit = Can talk on kin chat.

Promotions and Demotions

Recruit rank is for new members within the kin, or for members that have broken house rules around kin chests and are temporarily demoted to recruit level.

Kinsman and Kinswoman Rank. Promotion and demotions to kinsman and kinswoman is by descretion of a kin officer. Any level player can be at this rank within the kin. This is considered the normal for most players.

Officers are for those that wish to spend time helping the kin progress, by recruiting new peopls, by helping with quests and crafting, by running events, in general we look for mature people with characters over lvl 65 that have a reasonably good understanding of the game. It's important that every kin member respects each other, and this is a must in order to be an officer.

Successor to the kin is defined by the kin leader himself. A successor needs to be a well rounded individual with a mature and morale sense of 'doing the right thing' for the kin and its kin members, as well as having a very good understanding of the game. Current Successor is Ammania.

Hope this helps all, kindest regards